Dorky Announcement Letters - DEDorked! (Digital Download)

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Dorky Announcement Letters -  DEDorked!
Updated in 2011

"Dear Friend, I recently got my real estate license. Blah blah blah... I work for the best real estate company in the world. Blah blah blah... I sure hope you send me lots of referrals. Blah blah blah... Love, Me"

Helloooooooo?? Please tell me you have more personality than that! Don’t you? Heck, yeah you do!

Your announcement letter doesn't have to be dorky... um... dull. In fact, the less dull it is, the more good it'll do you. Be YOU. Yourself. Remember that person? That exciting, interesting, sexy, sassy person who also happens to be a real estate agent?

The collection includes some examples of really bad letters that are actually in circulation today – all over the place. In fact, you may recognize YOUR words in these letters if you follow the advice of most “new agent” guides out there. Next, you'll find 16 samples of great letters that will Get the Job Done – that is – they'll inspire your friends to actually READ the darn thing and perhaps even RESPOND! These are battle-tested letters and they do work. Promise.

Third, we take six Dorky letters, analyze them for you and re-write them so that they are Not Dorky.

All 16 of the great letters are provided in Microsoft Word and .rtf versions so you can edit and use them yourself.

Please note, Dorky Announcement Letters - DEDorked is included in The SWS MegaToolkit, SOI with SOUL and the SWS School for Rookies, so don't buy it twice!


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