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Are you ready... to SOI with SOUL? And to then continue the fun with Sell with Soul for Life? And save $199?!
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THIS is the Combo-Pack you've been asking for! Be the best agent you can be; perhaps even the best agent you know!
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$350.00 $299.00
Are you ready to be the best real estate agent you can be... maybe even the best real estate agent you know? An Exceptional Agent who earns the business and referrals of satisfied past clients because they were so thrilled with the service received?
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So much to do - So little time. And unfortunately - often so little help. This package was created especially to help the new real estate licensee get up and running before they become just another real estate statistic...
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Are you ready... to SOI with SOUL? To generate business and referrals from your sphere of influence without spending a fortune or pestering anyone?
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Selling with SOUL for Life is a fun & easy seven week program that gets you (back) in the mood to generate business for yourself without pestering your friends, spending a fortune or selling your soul!
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Does your business seem to be one catastrophe after another? Do you feel as if you're constantly putting out fires that should never have started in the first place? Do you dread the sound of the phone ringing because you just KNOW when you answer you'll
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The SWS Mega-Toolkit - Everything you need to be the Best Thing to ever happen to your clients... and to your real estate business.
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If you're looking for a way to expand your business and are intrigued by the idea of consulting... keep reading!
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Show Your Support for the Exceptional Agent by purchasing the SWS Audio Archive - nearly 40 hours of downloadable audio SOUL!
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Have you ever had a listing that didn't sell? Frustrating, isn't it? Not only is your seller client disappointed, but you aren't seeing a paycheck for your work anywhere in your future.
SKU: 100
Are you the best listing agent you know? Do you know how to sell houses in your market - not LIST them, but SELL them? Life is good when you know you're an outrageously effective listing agent.
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There's nothing else like this on the market! If you pursue (or want to pursue) expired listings, but aren't sure how to differentiate yourself from the competition... this product might be for you!
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Ho hum, business planning. You know, when you sit down and figure out how much money you want to make and if your average sales price is THIS and your average commission check is THAT, then...
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Being a Master of Your Market is one of the very best things you can do for yourself as a real estate professional, both from a competence perspective AND a prospecting one!
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Want to tell the world what kind of business you run? One that is centered on your clients' wants, needs and goals? Let us help with this "My Goal is to be..." Logo Pack!
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This unique mini-clinic course was created especially for pre-licensees who are still in real estate school, but want to hit the ground running as soon as the ink is dry on their brand new real estate license!
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Can you really sell real estate without selling your soul? Of course! Enjoy this two-volume blog-to-book which will show you how to do just that.
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Jennifer's first non-real estate book where she shares our SWS approach with the rest of the world!
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UPDATED FOR 2015! Buy the book that started the Soulful Revolution! Personally autographed by the author, this book may just change the way you look at a career in real estate.
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Updated and re-titled for 2016! Order NOW and get one of the first 200 printed.
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Jennifer's seventh book, available exclusively* (for now) on Kindle!
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Can't decide which SWS product or program is right for you and your unique situation? We're happy to help you figure it out!
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Is Real Estate Consulting right for you? Let's find out!